Cemetery Preston

by Greber

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Darwin Live Cinema
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Darwin Live Cinema Raw meat ! Amazing... Favorite track: Backhanded Interest.
Weirded Beardo
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Weirded Beardo There's a lot you can achieve with just a drum and a bass and this is proof! This is slithering, pummeling grimy sludge grind with a thick atmosphere. For something so minimalist on paper, the way it's written and executed makes the music feel so layered and leaves a lot to be discovered on repeated listens. Killer stuff. Favorite track: Our Burnt Treasures.
Jennifer Gruber
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Jennifer Gruber For fans of His Hero Is Gone and a big muddy boot to the teeth.
John Chaos Alexander
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John Chaos Alexander This is like a wall of water coming towards you as it grinds and pulverizes rocks and bones! it's not fast but it is flippin' crushing!
scott ronayne
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scott ronayne This album is fucking incredible. Thank you bandcamp for your new directions in grindcore. I fell away from grindcore many years ago. Because of this and Cloud Rat. I'm right back in.
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Available on LP through Ancient Temple Recordings~d7i Records, on Cassette through Hibernation Release, and on CD through Pink Lemonade Records


released February 2, 2018

All music written by Greber
All Lyrics written by Marc Bourgon
Drums Recorded by Sean Pearson at Boxcar Studios in Hamilton, ON
Everything else recorded by Marc Bourgon at MO/EX Audio in Cambridge, ON
Mixed by Scott Miller at Ancient Temple Recordings in Quispamsis, NB
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR

Album Artwork by Yanni Panos
Layout and Design by Bryan W. Bray

Noise on No One But You by Skull Servant
Guitar Gear provided by Joe Soulierre
Drum Gear provided by Jordan Gauthier at YC Drum Company
Steve plays Los Cabos Drumsticks
Marc plays whatever garbage he owns that isn't broken as well as a Egan Guitar (bass).

In Loving Memory of Chad Alsop.


all rights reserved



Greber Cambridge, Ontario

Kyfe grind/doom.
New album out Feb 2, 2018

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Track Name: Backhanded Interest
Your will, once strong/Turned jittered hind-leg/Under mild strain/
Fate took the wheel to dull our young faces down/Into scowling ruffians/All unrecognized/Aligned to conspire so long/Invisible returns on devout investments/
Backhanded interest/Blessing to suffer/Watching without a shot in the world/I am the bloodied soil where our palms plunged deep/The horny stench in the taverns/In the bars/Kept the goodness pacing outside in the snow/You salivate to take his place/The beasts breath at my neck/I refuse to go back/Warmth stares into me but avoids my selfish grasp/My pain/My woes/All delusion waits inside/A drug destined couch/Ascend with contempt for the light while your hands are still tied/Through freshly squeezed veins your sour permission flows.
Track Name: The Wreckers
These neon wishes have collected dust/Weighed down and coated in the dirt of a thousand fingernails/The lifeless haze pulled hope trench deep and snuffed it out on camera/These glory days are crippled by our filtered hindsight/Just take it all/
Just take it all away/Just take it all away in exchange for one last test/Financial disease bussed around on public transit/The toiling hungry kept hunched over in this twisted age/Siding with the cowards who burn all you love/Sarcasms bastards give flu drenched support/My spiralling aches turn my legs to the floor/I’ll hang around to see you fall/With the rest of sarcasms bastards you'll fall.
Track Name: Prophetic
Like trying to catch rain in a civ half my life/Spent on attempts to pry laugher
from those I despise but smile towards/Dragging behind my denial with a wasted remorse and a jesters disguise/Disinterest towards those that don't add to my mess of an uphill sprint to attain something magic/Our captors jinxed with keeping us silent/Dividing shudders into conceivable itch/Daily reminders of victory's ills/Knighted by the flicker of a halogen flame/Lining my shrewdness with diamonds/Furnished dullness with colours oh so bright/Comb through the cancer that balloons through your day/Amongst demons you mimic and their delicate methods/Frequency spills out of Goodwill alarms/Your freedoms have ended, return to the mire/With my purest attempt to make love come alive/Failed like the rest of the beauty I've held/On rowed fields of curb I fly, high as I please/Soaring like an insect who longs for the flame.
Track Name: By Any Other Name
You've witnessed and paved the way to these gates/Unveiled their intentions and got dirtier hands/Who judges you/Who’s staked their claim/With your scars the sky drenched in moonlight housed your final moment/Devoted to a life that would in hopes, someday payoff/You gave no one goosebumps/Created nothing worthwhile/The wall has been struck and been in your sights/Since the dawn of your life/This is your destiny/If you don't believe in destiny/I’m sorry but it's real/With failure comes excuse/Old connections that cut you loose/Severed the hand of the master but you're still a slave/But that's what you chose to be/I’m sorry but it’s real.
Track Name: Overdraft
Onlookers dazzled by deluded myths/Get out while there's something still left of you/Gaze down from above and take what you can/Just wait out the storm/Remember the ruins/The faded limelight/That busted and bruised the lonely times/The sound dulled your eyes and lured you down/Just wait out the storm/Decadent whispers bout the finer things/Collapsing this widowless village/Patience in an age where your skin feels like fire/Just wait out the storm/Lethargies seduce and turn gold into lead/Alarmist reactions to the vagrants/Borrowed miles add up, all add up in the end/Just wait out the storm.
Track Name: Our Burnt Treasures
Legless and fallow/The void cherished homes/Wavering discretion that hold/ Under lock/Faced with a smile that could break even the worst/Outlook imaginable/Elevated desire/I need it not for myself but for all of mankind/It takes its toll/Burns the brand/Into the husk/It takes its toll/The spiders inhabit the tunnels under my skin/Clawing at them with hope/Held for ransom and dangled like a siblings toy/Numb to the shadows that resemble the fears/A Godless impression beneath banquet chairs/With wealth flushed clean away/Left clear like the eye of a fire diamond/In time it makes its way/Gaining speed like a fear of disease it takes its toll/Burns the brand into the husk/It takes its toll.
Track Name: Grave Plot
Moral texture that burns like steel wool/Rubbed over and over again/
To remove stains soaked in/Talk a mean game to my fraudulent innards/
Hypocrisy liberates me/A trick I got from my Dad/Drop down into a place
where the only decor is filth at your feet/The stench that you'll grow into/Beyond where the snow plastered mountains reach as high/As they can is our dying/ambition to soar/Among the clouds/Still life clings to you like a soaking
wet shirt.
Track Name: No One But You
Stab yourself for a better world/Cut your wrists open for a brighter tomorrow/Wherever you go there'll be no one to step on/No one will suffer but you/Complacent agony/Hang yourself for a nicer home/Jump off a bridge for a delightful afternoon/Wherever you land there'll be nothing but sunshine and no one will notice you/Bitter cold/Lost what remorse they had/Heaven drowned/The truth like an ampersand/Cut your wrist open for a brighter today/No one will suffer but you.
Track Name: The Closer We Got
You're falling/And you've fell down before/This time replacing a violent reprise/With guts out on a stretcher/Their bones baked into ash/Never knowing a nights rest/Haunted by dimly lit shadows/Ripped over the guardrail/Never knowing tomorrows curse/The silence made the voices worse/Until it came crashing again/No way but under/You'd feast on your brothers flesh/Nothing's sacred but still we're here/So far down from where we fell/So long gone are the good ol' days/Still we yearn/Try hard to bear/So far down from where we fell/So far down/So long gone/Still we yearn/Try hard to bear/So far down from where we fell/So long gone, are the good ol days.